TODD BOEHLY REACHES £4.25BN TAKEOVER TO BUY CHELSEA : Thank You Mr Abramovich || Chelsea News

TODD BOEHLY REACHES £4.25BN TAKEOVER TO BUY CHELSEA : Thank You Mr Abramovich || Chelsea News

In today’s chelsea news, i talk todd boehly reaching a 4.25bn agreement to takeover chelsea fc from roman abramovich

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33 Replies to “TODD BOEHLY REACHES £4.25BN TAKEOVER TO BUY CHELSEA : Thank You Mr Abramovich || Chelsea News”

  1. just like to Highlight the sort of club CHELSKI are …in 97 I met an old white haired man called HARRY DUNN on a boat going n Ireland for the milk cup ..he says he was a chelsea scout and had the official card because he was working for Chelsea Fc….offered me a trial when I got home to scotland at his EDINBURGH FLAT …anyway once it came out the woodwork he was a notorious peodophile I got in contact with the fa the police and eventually got an Apology from Bruce Buck and eva Barry….they offered me to help to talk to the clubs psychiatrist….I told her I cudnt remember leaving Dunns flat and feared I might have been spiked and god knows what went on….her reply was "you have a great imagination" I applied for compensation thought clubs insurers I was told I had no case ….CHELSEA FC EVERYBODY

  2. Respectfully NiiNii, the dodgers win because of constant invesment. They pretty much sign the biggest stars possible when they become free agents. Not every team in america can afford to do this. Its basically a cheat code to have as much money as they do lol

  3. The evil UK government unleashing to people and countries will visit them someday or somehow… fifa kept quite and did not stop evil UK government measured against Chelsea owner. The same UK government are still doing business with Russia. The Sam Fifa allowed politics into game, very soon it will be another club or country turn…Continue.

  4. I really hope Boehly prioritizes what TT asks for. He’s gonna have to make some big investments right off the bat, so I hope he spends it well.

  5. I know Tuchel is not consistent and not good enough to ever win us the league , but I will forgive him if he can win us another 2 UcL trophies ..

  6. The problem of this football club is that , will been doing the same thing and expect different results, first will need too stop signing averages players , second player like aspi Alonso Timo Kante joginho Sarr kepa Ziyech pulisic all need too go , will need too use this money and sign 5 top players .. This is the players I will sign to replace this players
    Pulisic and Ziyech need to be Replsce with Son , will lack a big game winger , someone who can score us 18 goal from the wing , if will sign son our chance of winning the league increase by 60 %
    2 ) joginho and Kante replace them with Rice and TChuamani
    3 ) I will sign this arsenal left back Thieny he currently the best left back in the world,
    4 ) will should not sign a defender to come and play in back 3 if you’re a good defender you should be able too play in any system, back in John Terry and Calvaho days this guy have no cover , no extras protection and they are so good , but now you need 3 players to protect the lazy defender of this days

  7. Roman Abramovich and Marina Granovskaia should have a statue of them outside Stamford bridge they deserve praise believe me he has never asked for a penny back from the CHELSEA football club

  8. Roman Abramovich is the best OWNER will ever have that's my take on that so so sad to see him go it's and end of an era 19yrs 21trophies Roman Abramovich 💙..#Cfcforlife💙💙

  9. How much are they gonna use for the much needed stadium development or outright brand new stadium constructed ? When that is answered then we gonna see their true colors . We as CFC fans can rightfully say as for now Roman's years were our golden years . Lets just pray that the right ppl are put in the most strategic positions at the club

  10. 3's sponsorship should also be terminated. They are the only sponsors that tried to leave us in the dark and ultimately embarrassed us

  11. Roman Abramovich has always look after Chelsea FC . Generosity that he has shown will never be repeated again with any club. Roman showed so much enthusiasm for Chelsea FC plus the supporters and the community around the club itself. I really hope that Chelsea will either name a stand after him or a statue or a bust of Roman Abramovich to let him know he will always and forever be a true blue. The end of a truly magnificent era. On a personal level I am sad to see it come to an end I believe Roman would have been with the club forever if it wasn't for these so-called allegations. Thank you Mr Abramovich you are a true legend

  12. I started following Chelsea in 2009. I was 16 years old and I'd never watched football. But when I saw Drogba on that FIFA game that my friend gave to me, I fell in love with the club. The blue made me feel at home. Since I started loving Chelsea, I've never once felt as though I should've backed another club. In fact, I felt more committed to them over the years. That's how I found NiiNii. I wanted to know more about players, tactics and the academy and NiiNii shed light on these things. He also shed light on Roman and what his vision for the club was. This is how I began to love Roman. I realized that he was genuinely interested in the club and loved it. These past few months has cemented that belief in my heart and my mind. Thank you Roman for all that you have done for Chelsea and its fans. We owe you a lot! 💙💙💙

  13. I want a statue of the man outside the stadium when it's rebuilt, couldn't give a fuck what he is to anyone else, to me, a Chelsea fan of 35 plus years, Roman is the single greatest thing to ever happen to the club, he deserves a PROPER legacy, he was selfless in almost all regards with the club and it's kinda disgusting that he'd forced to completely admonish his connection forever with no plaudits and no respect.

  14. Great news.
    Thank you mr Roman Abramovich 🙏 ❤ 💙 😊 👍
    Thank you for the 19 years of chelsea fc success.
    You are the best club owner ever 💙
    Thank you also for the guide in the new era 🙏
    You gave chelsea fc the best contract to Todd Boehly.
    Your name and good heart will for ever remain in our ❤ 🤍 💙 🧡 🖤 heart.
    You are a true chelsea no1 fan.

  15. Roman is really someone who deserves our chants… What this guy has done for us… The academy, ladies' team, the wins, making losses in so many seasons but still pushing for brilliance.
    He wasn't perfect but no one is. Not me or you.
    Roman Abromovic you are a Chelsea legend forever

  16. How much of that 1.7Billion will be going into the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge? How much would be left for squad investment?

  17. Thomas should know that when the going goes tough he have to change a striker and bring a defender or midfielder to support the defense. This happened against Real Madrid and today’s match as well

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