Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal | Self Inflicted Defeat! (Robbie’s Player Ratings)

Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal | Self Inflicted Defeat! (Robbie’s Player Ratings)

Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal | Self Inflicted Defeat! (Robbie’s Player Ratings)

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44 Replies to “Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal | Self Inflicted Defeat! (Robbie’s Player Ratings)”

  1. For me the PK was harsh. Holding 100% red. For me Arteta should take responsibility here. Son was roasting Holding. I think he fouled him 3 or 4 times before getting 1st yellow. At that point Arteta should’ve switched him and Tommy. So poor coaching there IMO. Man if we come up short on top 4 it’ll be a disaster. So many stupid points dropped this season. COYG!

  2. All week prior I hoped Artrta wouldn't play into their hands, we needed to be boring last night but we played the same way as usual, like Arteta hadn't done his homework, I also feel stupid when singing Arteta knows what we need etc 🙄 I want him to succeed but yet again this was a school day for him because he didn't know what we needed last night.

  3. I will say it again why would you put tomi on the left side 🤔 smh . He locked down Son the last time we played . Wrong move by Arteta

  4. What do you mean you won't blame the ref. There is no other option but to blame him, giving penalty. Not looking at the elbow by son. Agreeing to whatever Kane asks him to do. He almost gave handball penalty even tough it touched spurs player. Harry kane tells him to give it he almost does when he touches his ears probably var guy telling it was spurs players hands. Only then he allows goal kick.

  5. We were poor absolute awful defending! Cedric was awful mistake after mistake and holding was doing stupid stuff! Don’t give the ref an option! Plus Paul teirney is probably one of the worse if not the worse ref on this planet

  6. We are bottle jobbers. Some of these players are terrible. I don't even know how we managed to get ourselves in contention for top 4. A fluke really.

  7. I don't think the pen was that debatable to be fair, if that was a goal kick and a centre half pushed the centre forward in the back like that you'd get a free kick, it was a pen.

  8. Nketia Cedric Elneny,all these players need to move on because of their inconsistency,we need consistent player the are going to put on the work week in week out,

  9. That was a penalty Robbie. I am sorry but Cedric is stupid.
    Holding is very stupid as well. This defeat falls on the players.
    Cedric and Holding should leave Arsenal.

  10. Imo I thought In the first 15minutes Holding would pocket Son, put in a few great challenges and gave him some professionaly done digs aswell which he came out uncarded. He made his mark in the first 15 but still kept on going and it started looking like Holding completely lost his head. I'm now conflicted whether Holding had a great first 15 and then went overboard or he got lucky for the first 15 and his head was lost from the first minute.

  11. 🇵🇹 Cedric Soares vs Spurs:

    • 90 minutes
    • 3 goals conceded
    • 0 tackles
    • 0 interceptions
    • 0 blocks
    • 0 ground duels won
    • 0 crosses completed
    • 0 dribbles completed
    • 1 penalty conceded

    Cardio 🏃‍♂️

  12. I agree with you about the overall indiscipline but you're harsh on Cedric and Holding. These are players who filled in and did a good job for us when we really needed them. We need to back our boys. This is a test for us fans. I would have loved to beat Tottenham but overall I am happy with the big picture , and with our young squad we're in a better place than them. They've got a manager who'll just walk if a big team came calling.

  13. U Arsenal fans do know that CL is not the best thing for u guys right now, firstly I’m not sure how many of yoll players have even played a cl match and Arteta is not competent enough for the cl so I can only see one thing happening if u guys get top 4, it’ll be a repeat when wolves went to Europa and they were out of their depth which ultimately affected their league games to cos of no depth.

  14. Still going on like yaz were in full control until the so-called dodgy penalty (I'd say the one Arsenal got at Old Trafford was worse btw)

    Yeah Arsenal had the first 10mins, then Tottenham slowly started to take control, and from then on bossed it

    Ya can still put up a performance with 10players guy's, but what did Arsenal do for 60mins ?

    Constant sour grapes, it's like ya all trying to see who can do the better impression of Mikel Arteta post-match at AFTV

    Beaten by the much better team, not only on the night but overall …

    FACT . . .


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