Tottenham vs Arsenal 3-0 Spurs Smashed Gunners 🔥 Ian Wright feel angry & Champions League Hopes

Tottenham vs Arsenal 3-0 Spurs Smashed Gunners 🔥 Ian Wright feel angry & Champions League Hopes

Tottenham vs Arsenal 3-0 Spurs Smashed Gunners 🔥 Ian Wright feel angry & Champions League Hopes
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Tottenham vs Arsenal

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23 Replies to “Tottenham vs Arsenal 3-0 Spurs Smashed Gunners 🔥 Ian Wright feel angry & Champions League Hopes”

  1. conte frightened the referee. i would be ashamed if my team won with red card and penalty.spurs fans are so desprate they even celebrating this garbage game/ arteta is right.

  2. Big up to Ian wright have a word with Lee Dixon he might learn something from you I gotta listen to him doing Tottenham games week in week out COYS

  3. When arteta gets the decision in his way then it's perfectly fine, United didn't get the penalty when Cedric fell down on the ball and touch the ball by his hand and xhaka scored when his team mate was offside. And the ref got 90-95% right decision in yesterday's game.

  4. Last season the Arteta fan girls and boys said this season one game a week should do us good.What are the excuses now? The refs,var,the weather,covid,young squad, the temperature,.
    £250 million given to the fraud,he spent most of it on defensive players and our defense is worse than last season,how is that possible? Sack the cone man/rookie/assistant/novice and get a proper manager. We will not win anything else with the fraud as manager.

  5. You call the penalty soft righty but that's just because so often Arsenal are facilitated by the ref who allows them to barge a player off the ball without making any attempt to go for the ball. two players make no attempt to go for the ball but crash into the player if they had tried to jump for the ball they would have got away with it but they just barged into him. So often Arsenal are allowed to foul us in sensitive areas and come away with the ball Gabriel pulling Kane onto the ground holding onto his arm for dear life ref gives nothing but Son puts it right. Fully deserved sending off hope they do that shit against Newcastle and get more players sent off.

  6. Also Newcastle are not the Newcastle they played earlier in the season I think they are running on an empty tank but why has the league given the team that cancelled the extra day's rest????? The league goes out of their way to do everything they can to facilitate Arsenal and it is bent as fuck. How Arsteta has any integrity after blaming the ref for his players ruining the beautiful game by making no attempt to play the ball and just hacking Son is ridiculous. All we have to do is slightly touch an Arsenal player in the box and they go down like a pile of crap. What a bell end. They will fold at Newcastle mark my words unless the ref and VAR saves them like it so often does.

  7. Holding red card was the correct decision. But I’m shocked how nobody is talking about the clear elbow son gave to holding just before that? VAR didn’t even bat an eye on it ????

  8. So Paul Tierney deemed Cedric faintest of touch on son a penalty ? But denied Liverpool jota a pen at the lane against spurs ?
    Tierney is a mess

  9. I wish Paul Tierney would’ve been interviewed right then & made Arteta look even dumber. Below average player in his time & Sunday league gaffer excuses

  10. The problem with Arsenal is the complete lack of a stable back 4.
    For next season Arsenal & Arteta need to clean the whole back line, and send Saka to play in a league at his skill level (ex: Italy's 2nd Division).

  11. People including pundits have refused to look carefully at the second yellow.. Son actually forced the foul to appear as though he had been elbowed .. When he saw the position of Rob holding angled elbow, he went straight to it and conned the referee and spectators. I've watched the replays and even some tottenham fans agree. Son himself elbowed Holding but holding did not throw himself down.. The penalty was never a penalty to me. Both players are up in the air, defenders distablerise opponents every other time. Anyway can't do much let's play the remaining two matches and hopefully we can win.

  12. Let's be fair here… 100% a penalty, Cedric and Holding basically performed a WWE tag team on Son in the box. Holding was acting like he was on a personal mission to INJURE(not foul!)Son. If the FA had balls they would look at Holdings second yellow, rightfully see that Holding's actions was violent conduct, amd suspended him the rest of the season.

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