Trading Rachmaninov Riffs With A 78 Year Old Genius

Trading Rachmaninov Riffs With A 78 Year Old Genius

The amazing Rick and Dr K express their inner Rachmaninov at a public piano🎹🎵😎

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Brendan Kavanagh


46 Replies to “Trading Rachmaninov Riffs With A 78 Year Old Genius”

  1. 🙏❤️🇺🇲🤗1/15/22:🎹Playing the piano like you Brendan, is like a good writer using ❗punctuation.
    Love ya, Patricia Sue Chandler-Lindquist age 63 in MARYLAND

  2. You made my day as always 😎 It’s been a very rough few months personally and when I see you pop up with a new video it makes me warm inside, restores my faith in people and gets me up when I was down. Bless you Dr K.

  3. Is there any musical pieces that you don't know? I have never seen or heard of anyone that seems to be able to play any genre or any piece besides you. What an education in music you have had. I am truly blown out by you and your talent. The old lady in Vermont.

  4. I am a very lucky guy tonight 🍀I want to thank you both 👍and I will be looking forward to hearing and seeing 🙈🙉🙊y'all again soon 🎶👀🎹👏! 🎵🇼🇸

  5. Brendan – its really good to see this side of your talent too. I could listen to your playing and improvisation for hours – thank you, every time your video pops up I end up with a huge grin on my face.

  6. BRAVO!!!!! Dr. K, as we often say, over here in 'the Colonies,'……… "You knocked this one out of the park!" I love your Boogie Woogie improvisations, especially when you feign not knowing how to play a piano, and then burst into a rapture after striking a half-dozen keys. This one, however, strikes so very close to my most favorite of composers, Rachmaninoff. My ultra, all-time favorite – The Rhapsody – while neither you nor Rick played it, this video hit close to the heart!! Thank you, sir………………..

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