TRIANGLE Episode 3 | Mini Series | Kissa Kiss Ka ft. Isha, Prarthana, Sanchit & Tarun | LKK

TRIANGLE Episode 3 | Mini Series | Kissa Kiss Ka ft. Isha, Prarthana, Sanchit & Tarun | LKK

Aashika confesses that she had a crush on Luv & they kiss each other. Luv doesn’t know how to react to this. Aashika then decides to leave & drop the plan of troubling Suhani. Now Luv is in a situation where he doesn’t want to hurt Aashika’s & Suhani’s feelings in the process. Does he tell Suhani about what happened with Aashika? Watch the episode to find out!!!!!

Triangle Episode 1: Best Friend Tum Kab Jaaoge

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Written by : Sushant Ramaiah
Directed by : Tarun Rathore
DP : Udit Thapa
Asst. to DP: Avneet Singh Sandhu
Chief Assistant Director : Sanchit Bhardwaj
Assistant Director: Sushant Ramaiah, Vishal Singh Bora, Gautam Anand
Art Director : Ankush Sharma
Asst. to Art : Rishabh Sadana
Graphics : Praneet Garg, Gourav Singh Bora & Vasudha Singh Rathore
Costume : Himanshu
Asst. to costume: Priyanka Thakur & Tannishtha
Hair & Make Up : Shaila Aswal & Piyushi
Spot : Sonu Dada
Editing : Avneet Singh Sandhu
Music : Epidemic Sounds
Marketed by : Idiotic Media
Production Manager : Vishal Singh Bora
Produced by : Log Kya Kahenge Media Pvt. Ltd.
Cast : Tarun Rathore, Isha Yadav, Sanchit Bhardwaj, Prarthana & Vishakha

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