Welcome to Shadow High ???? | Season 3 Episode 3 | Rainbow High

Welcome to Shadow High ???? | Season 3 Episode 3 | Rainbow High

It’s time to meet Rainbow High’s rival!!! ⚡

We finally meet the elusive Shadow High crew while they’re working on their super important midterm projects! There’s drama, there’s fashion, there’s special effects, there’s everything the students need to make a fabulous grade! But what’s this? The Storm Sisters, Naomi and Veronica, are back from pranking rival school Rainbow High ???? and now they want everyone to prove their devotion to Shadow High!

Make sure to tune in at 8:30 am PST on Friday for new episodes of Rainbow High, The Vi Life, and Kontent with Karma!
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Rainbow High is a modern fashion doll brand that sparks imagination and encourages creativity. With Grit, Love, Action and Moxie (G.L.A.M.), the students of Rainbow High combine their unique creative skills and work together to achieve their unlimited dreams today.

Welcome to Shadow High ???? ???? | Season 3 Episode 3 | Rainbow High

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