West Ham 1-2 Arsenal | I'm A Little More Confident Of Top Four Now! (Lee Judges)

West Ham 1-2 Arsenal | I'm A Little More Confident Of Top Four Now! (Lee Judges)

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West Ham 1-2 Arsenal | I’m A Little More Confident Of Top Four Now! (Lee Judges)
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50 Replies to “West Ham 1-2 Arsenal | I'm A Little More Confident Of Top Four Now! (Lee Judges)”

  1. We are still in an urgly situation. Everton Leeds they all need to survive just as us we need the pride. We need to beat spurs

  2. Oi Oi what we’re not seeing is that Chelsea aren’t on form at the moment & if they drop 6 points on two games and we come out on top over Tottenham, just start watching #3. It’s completely possible 😂😂

  3. I rated our defensive performance. Going forwards we should have killed the game. We're a young side, so I'll let them off for now. COYG!

  4. Fans should stay quiet till top 4 is guaranteed. Got to cocky and lost 3 in a row. Arsenal struggle more against physical teams that defend.

  5. D good tink here his Dat th teams in Top 4 has got alot to still play for .
    So Liverpool won't be doing us any favour wen dere play Tottenham
    Cos dere are also fighting to win th league .
    So every team dere his fighting till th end

  6. If I’m being honest here, Arsenal did not play well. We were lucky that west ham played Europa* league and looked exhausted today. They put up a good fight too. Arsenal gave away too many easy balls. Silly mistakes. Saka and Martinelli were nowhere to be seen most of the game and Nketiah should have scored and killed the game. It was good to see Tomi back again and we need Thomas Partey back… but elneny again played wonderful. COME ON GUNNERS

  7. I would laugh if Chelsea slipped down to 5th and Arsenal secure 3rd and spurs scrape it into 4th. That would be some events to the end of the season. I want 3rd more then I want 4th Come on you Arsenal 😍😍😍

  8. Disappointing to concede again why are the coaches telling players to stand off when attackers go to shoot, you have to close those shots down so you have to get as close as you can to the striker as he is attempting a shot on goal.
    The players did very well in the second half the ball retention was better Holding MOM was closely followed by the hard-working Nketiah who should have got on the score sheet and well done to Nunno for coming back and playing a lot better in the second half.
    We have to beat Leeds who will be fighting for their survival so it's going to be another tough game.

  9. Everybody were criticizing after 3 games and now everybody enjoying the moment…i have never been such arsenal fan once a arsenal fan always a arsenal fan

  10. Hopefully we beat Leeds and if Liverpool beat spurs we will be 5 points clear. If that does happen we then we have to do our best to beat spurs which will secure champions league football

  11. Let’s win our next two games (Leeds and NLD) and hoping that Spurs lose against Liverpool

    If it happens like that we have secured the 4th spot even if we lose against Newcastle and Everton ( which we don’t want to happen because we want to win all our remaining matches)

  12. Who would of thought that after spending £250m on recruitment that an Arsenal starting 11 would include such gems as Tavares, Xhaka, Elneny, Holding and Nketiah?
    I guarantee that within 6 months Judges himself will be in full grind mode on every one of these players telling us that "i never wanna see him in an Arsenal shirt again"

  13. Its not over until its really over. Arsenal are the biggest bottlers in English Football. Good 3 points against West Ham. Lets move on to the next game.

  14. I love the spirit after e 3 straight defeats, response was 3 straight wins, all we need now is to secure 2 wins in the next 2 games to make it 5/5 straight wins and will be back in CL..and squard strengthening next in the transfer market…lads need to give their all to win the next 2 games..that's all we need to avoid Newcastle & Everton drama…in the last 2 games

  15. Nkt a good performance?? Grinding out an away win at West Ham for us is a good performance! Character, grit, determination, good teamwork. A good performance!

  16. If Tottenham lose to Liverpool and we beat Leeds we're 5 points clear. If that is the case it is absolutely imperative that we do everything in our power to win the NLD because if we win that Champions league is secured and it would be mathematically impossible for Spurs to overtake us even if we lose the last 2 games.

  17. Liverpool beating Spurs will almost guarantee us top 4. We just need to get at least a draw with Spurs after that. Cmon you gunners!

  18. I think the 3 games we lost to palace Brighton and Southampton will come back to haunt us Newcastle are flying and Everton may need points

  19. Nobody With sense is listening to this Conman Lee(Arrigo Sacchi)Judges.. This Cowboy only Thrives on poor results…. This Comedian shouldn't be allowed any Airtime…

  20. Nketiah. Ffs, we really need to get rid of this guy along with Lacazette and Pepe. All mediocre as hell. Imagine if we had Zaha. If there's one transfer that I bitterly regret AFC not making ,then it's Zaha. He would have been an AFC legend.

  21. Arsenal i believe in you because Iam a gooner for life i have a canyon on my heart we most still working with discinpline propossitivity awareness decission prudence good actions good attitudes propositivity courage decission commitment respect courage humillity

  22. No You should be more confident in our Coach Arteta. Also tell him you are sorry you don't know what you are talking about when we loose a match.

  23. Stella 2nd half performance from The Arsenal today, hats off to all the players, they came out after probably a slap from MA at half time and some technical changes and delivered, credit to the squad. 🙏👍

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