West Ham 1, Arsenal 2: Match details and Arsenal player ratings – Nketiah and Tomiyasu impressive

West Ham 1, Arsenal 2: Match details and Arsenal player ratings – Nketiah and Tomiyasu impressive

I give my Arsenal player ratings for the Premier League win against West Ham and give my thoughts on the performance. I also react to what Mikel Arteta had to say in his post-match press conference.

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34 Replies to “West Ham 1, Arsenal 2: Match details and Arsenal player ratings – Nketiah and Tomiyasu impressive”

  1. A very good report Charles.
    Very dour performance from Arsenal against a team who was there for the taking with one eye on next weeks Europa match.
    Very little pressing, do that next week against Leeds and we will be in big trouble.
    Marti's performance was very strange, playing a kinda of left half/wing back and no where near the wing at atall, resulting in no width, very poor game, rating, more like a 4. !!
    Thought Eddie played quiet well, but reinforced the need for a couple of top class center forwards.
    Worn out the edge of my chair but worth it 👍👍👍

  2. If

    1.) Spurs lose against Liverpool and Arsenal
    2.) Arsenal win against Leeds and Spurs

    Then Arsenal don’t have to win against Everton or Newcastle.

  3. We are 3pts behind Chelsea thanks to Everton, so maybe arsenal could get there if things go right for us with spurs on our haystack 🤞But we so need to get some depth in our squad for next season.

  4. A game that could have gone either way! But I guess our resilience played a huge part. I think our players let West Ham play as they wanted and we had only our defenders to help us out. Arsenal's games are now keeping us on our toes…like all fans have to join them in the pitch to get the wins…but I will take a bad play plus win than take nothing at all!!! Finally I think Pepe could have done something as everyone else was poor that's when pepe shines…. Anyways we move!!

  5. Thanks for the quick video Charles. Well well well, this club will not be the death of me 😒, that was quite the nervy watch, I think my nerves are shot 😂 but who cares as long as we win at the end of the day. Make no mistake, this was a massive win for Arsenal. It wasn't pretty but it doesn't have to be, especially at this tail-end of the season. Tavares again, represents our weakest link, I'm already having some disturbing imaginations about him facing Raphina next weekend. But I'm so happy Tomiyasu is back, he makes such a huge difference for us, Benrhama got joy there at all.

    My permutations continue, If we beat Leeds at home in our next match and Spurs lose to Liverpool, we will be 5 points clear with 3 matches to go, which would mean we can secure Top 4 by beating Spurs with two matches to spare. I know, a guy can only dream right?! 🙄. Let me just enjoy today first.

  6. Yes, what a win, not spectacular but A very very important one! Seals a top-six place!
    And if we win against Leeds, and Liverpool does their thing, we're going to the toilet stadium with a five-point gap!
    Congrats to Holding for getting his first goal, deserved it. Great backup defender, you can rely on. Mo great again, thought Tavares did ok. Hope Tommy and Saka are OK.

  7. Massive win. Great opportunity next weekend to give us some breathing space going into the NLD. It would be so sweet to secure top 4 at Spurs. COYG

  8. It's good to know arsenal can play so bad ND still win games which is a good mentality……

    In the positives Liverpool vs spurs
    Hopefully spurs do spurs
    ND arsenal wins there next game ND we go into the final match with spurs with 5 points ahead.. ™️®️💯🎉😎COYG

  9. It's all about 3 points from here on in. Spurs next play Liverpool and we play Leeds at home. We have to win and hope Liverpool do their business so we go into that NLD 5 points clear. #COYG

  10. Happy bout the win but upset bout the performance…is it me or alot of players seemed out of it…no urgency even when the ball is in the opponent's box.,..no one running at the defence. sloppy passes ,, tavares is vulnerable especially when he drives forward…nketia kept missing his chances …martinelli making me shake my head at the moment…think it's time to let pepe start up and esr… please ask arteta why pepe hasn't been getting a chance…not fair unless his plan is to play saka down to the ground or let pepe become frustrated and leave..

  11. Have to admit, I was doom and gloom after those three losses but great recovery from the team! Let’s get top four, COYG!!

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