What Did NASA Find On Jupiter? | Real Pictures

What Did NASA Find On Jupiter? | Real Pictures

What Did NASA Find On Jupiter? | Real Pictures.
NASA and other scientists have released images of not one, but two strange shapes found on planets in our solar system. This mysterious pair of hexagons has stunned scientists across the globe and has left them asking two major questions: What are they? And how did they form?

In this video, you’ll find out exactly what this hexagon-shape phenomenon really is, where they came from, and what it reveals about these two terrifying planets.

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  1. Electromagnetism, is one way or another, responsible for highly ordered and regular shapes throughout the cosmos, in a way that gravity centric explanations are unwilling to admit, or account for. Birkeland Currents, are now found to be ubiquitous and the "Electric Universe" proponents are confident that the James Web Space Telescope will confirm their organisational status ahead of gravity.

  2. The hexagon is from the large people. Like the pyramids it's a hexagon. And the reason it's still the same there's a storm on the planit and shoots up to make the hexagon.. We came from the big people..

  3. Those may be dangerous on their respective planets, however, there is something far more terrifying that is close enough to effectively cause the destruction of Earth's atmosphere and protective geomagnetic properties. – It is a magnetar. – Look it up.

  4. Astronomy science is great when the economy is good. It's a shame now because capitalism is going down the drain and there's more and more homeless…. truly a shame. How many families could be fed with one Voyager program

  5. NASA can see a vortex storm on Jupiter but cant see that Americans are suffering. Can NASA see the people that sleep on the ground and in the woods? Can NASA see the people that swlf medicate and drug themselves to numb their pain. Time to focus on planet Earth. Jupiter aint helping nobody on Earth but these obsessed mad scientists. 😠

  6. Wait until James Webb space telescope brings back images from the dawn of creation aka; the Big Bang! So much we don't know, so much to find out. We need these answers no matter how terrifying the answers are Just the truth please 🥺

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