What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Learning Blender 3D

What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Learning Blender 3D

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I’ve been learning Blender, a free 3D modeling and animation application. It one of the hardest programs I’ve ever tried to learn. This video is about what I’ve learned in the process and what I wish I knew before I started.

His YT tutorial:

Blender Guru Donut Tutorial:

Moon Knight:

3D Room:

Character tutorial:


Mushroom Tutorial:

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33 Replies to “What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Learning Blender 3D”

  1. Man oh man, the relevance…. This is by far the most unintuitive software i have ever used, I'm on day 4 of playing around making a huminiod body shape….. Was talking with my daughter, explaining how hard this is to get my mind around, then jumped in fusion360, and drew out some thing stupid in seconds…. I cannot wait till i have Blender to that freaking point, though i may be dead first lol.

    Great vid, and thanks for the reassurance.

  2. I love seeing other people's progress, not only versus my own, but to see the possibilities. Blender is amazing, I like being creative and 2D digital only gets me so far… I'm about 3 and a half months into it altogether. I like your isometric projects, I wanna get into those… maybe tomorrow I'll see what one is like. Great work, bud.

  3. Studying Film Studies, 2D & Traditional Animation in College, I wanted to be able to study the 3D Animation part of the program but costs were just insane at the time. Now with all of these amazing reference vlogs, tuts like yours, it's helping me to get more comfortable about learning 3D using Blender.
    Thanks for your info, I enjoy your video and intel.
    I just started my You Tube journey as an artist channel myself so, using what you have discussed, I would love to integrate my 2D skillsets into 3D modelling of my Character Designs etc.
    Thanks again for your info and links, I will Subscribe to see more and stay updated! Cheers!

  4. And you're going to go into the comment section a couple times in each tutorial episode when the video doesn't explain the commands that are used to do what the guy just did.

  5. Love this video!!! An expert talking about his experience with a software that's unfamiliar to him, gives me hope that there is always room for improvement. Nobody was born perfect at what they do. Very motivating!!!! Thank you💛

  6. Your picking this up is similar to my journey. I initially sought out blender to push my 2d even further, and Grease pencil also attracted me to blender. I been messing with blender for a few years now, I have a solid grasp of modeling and wanna pick up some sculpting so i have even greater shape control options, but i understand most of the basic modeling tools and i can solve 88% of my modeling problems without tutorials these days. Thanks to udemy and Grant Abbitt, i am fairly familiar with the interface and the basic modeling tools. it took me a while to grasp, but not as long as some people have complained about in comment sections of these videos.

    I wanna get into comics, and mainly want 3d models for light hints and keeping things on model. Blender is helping me visualize things i wouldnt otherwise be capable of. And its only recently dawned on me, how much information we human beings discard. It only dawned on me when blender was showing all these forms in 3 dimensional space without simplifying or freezing that i realized "holy hell we really do discard alot of information."

  7. honestly i would like to see you (as a 2d (mainly) artist) make a tutorial of 3d blender. i started more or less like you have and still feel so lost, or think "i can just do this faster in [insert program name here]". but at the same time, i know that if i stick to it, then that's another program to put on my resume. i'd just like to see some tutorial that truly starts from zero XD

  8. Piranha plant is a bold move, trying that myself with almost a decade of off and on blender usage and it's a royal pain!
    If you can't bevel an edge it usually means you forgot to reset the scale transform.

  9. For those starting out with blender, I really recommend cgfasttracks's three parts beginner tutorial. The way he explained everything is really easy to understand, but it will consume a lot of your time because it's a 4 hours tutorial. He basically explained the basics of modelling, texturing, shading, hdri, keyframes, lightning, camera, compositing, uvs, and etc…

  10. I want to run, but I can barely walk is a very apt description I think of experiences with 3d software like blender, it's definitely mine.

  11. I laughed when you said the tutorial is like 15 min but it takes you an hour to finish, cus it's so true. Many times as I've been doing 3D art/game dev tutorials, it always take me way longer to get the tutorials done than the run time. You inspired me to keep learning, as your progress with blender has been way faster than my progression at learning 3D art software! Let's both do our best 👍

  12. Noooooo don’t be sucked into the donut conspiracy led by blender guru!!!! He is in cahoots with Krispy kreme, Dunkin, and other nefarious sugar purveyors!!!

  13. Im just a few weeks into my blender journey and I think completing tutorials to your personal satisfaction is great advice. It doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to learn something. Then move on! learn something new! practice what you learned

  14. For the numpad snapping, could you create a camera in the scene and use it's view instead? I think you can make a separate window and constantly have that default view. I haven't used Blender in a while, spent many hours learning it to make Oblivion mods years ago. It was really fun to use but I never dived in that deep, this does make me want to play with it again.
    Only advice I can think of is; keep your normals out.

  15. Tip: Please don't underestimate how hard it can be to start learning how to navigate 3D space. It's going to take you awhile to really get comfortable with it and you'll probably be cursing internally. Give it a week max while working on projects you'll feel better. 3D isn't easy, but once you learn the tools and just dedicate a bit of time even with easy projects you'll be surprised how far you can go.

  16. good advice.. thanks for sharing.. The first steps were a little confusing and frustrating.. Andrew failed to stress when he was in Edit or Object mode.. which leaves one scratching their head
    and banging the keys.. It slowly sinks in.

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