Who is finishing in 4th place: Arsenal or Spurs? | ESPN FC Extra Time

Who is finishing in 4th place: Arsenal or Spurs? | ESPN FC Extra Time

On this edition of Extra Time:
0:00 INTRO
0:47 What are your percentages for Spurs/Arsenal getting 4th place?
1:43 Where is Robert Lewandowski going this summer? Who will replace him at Bayern?
3:19 Have you guys ever played a big match and your team didn’t show up?
7:16 Panelists share their good and bad experiences of finishing their last games for a club.
9:45 How many current players at Newcastle should be kept?
10:40 What’s your take on watching multiple games at once on one TV?

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23 Replies to “Who is finishing in 4th place: Arsenal or Spurs? | ESPN FC Extra Time”

  1. Spurs fan here
    I predicted spurs can get a draw against liverfool and win against arsenal
    But not sure about burnley
    That’s how spurs does things

  2. You pundits sometimes you are absolutely a joke how can you asure 💯 that spurs will finish above arsenal yet arsenal have already a point above with both two games in hand the remaining 2games are not Chelsea, Liverpool,man-city it's Newcastle and Everton and arsenal will win both games big time

  3. This show makes me nod off especially when they are talking. Really, it is just babble. Burley should have his own show called "BURLEY BABBLE" – with no one else on the show – he would just talk to himself.

  4. Arsenal blew Their Chances Of Finishing The Top 4 And If They Lost The Remaining Games Then They DONT Even Deserve To Be There From An Arsenal Fan

  5. Arsenal are gonna lose the next two games and they will not finish in the top 4, 99.9% chance for spurs and 0.1% and that 0.1% is maybe spurs but arsenal are done, losing to newcastle and everton!!

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