Who Lip Synced the Most on the Summer Hits Tour? (Little Mix)

Who Lip Synced the Most on the Summer Hits Tour? (Little Mix)

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Little Mix

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20 Replies to “Who Lip Synced the Most on the Summer Hits Tour? (Little Mix)”

  1. There were a lot of really amazing live vocals on this tour (Jade especially) but that's not what this video is about. If you'd like to see the live ones, go watch the tour performances.

  2. reminder to everyone that, they literally done this tour cause they was bored. they could’ve sat at home giving us no content but they decided to go on tour, even tho some may be lil synced oh well!

  3. I didn't know Reggaeton Lento was like 90% lipped ☠️☠️☠️ even recent performances, like the one in Brazil (2020), they use the same pre-recorded vocals. Some from Touch, too lol

  4. Perries high note in change your life during the summer hits tour is literally so good. Ik it’s not live but she still had to record it like that and it just sounds different to the og note

  5. I think Perrie usually lips less than the other girls bc she enjoys singing live more(not saying that Leigh jade and jesy don't) so she refuses to lip sync some parts and her voice gets tired/ill more easily such as in 2016. And ofc she has very very high notes.

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