Who makes the ALL TIME Arsenal & Spurs combined XI? 👀 | Saturday Social ft Theo Baker & Flav

Who makes the ALL TIME Arsenal & Spurs combined XI? 👀 | Saturday Social ft Theo Baker & Flav

The Saturday Social crew discuss who would make the ALL TIME Arsenal and Spurs team combined 👀

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40 Replies to “Who makes the ALL TIME Arsenal & Spurs combined XI? 👀 | Saturday Social ft Theo Baker & Flav”

  1. An all time Arsenal/Tottenham XI would be just an ALL Arsenal team and bench lol name on Spurs player who has won anything with Spurs? lol Kane doesn't even make the bench RVP > Kane

  2. Personally I'd go for a 433

    Seaman: GK
    Cole: LB
    Adams and Campbell: Cb's
    DM: Veira
    Modric and Fabregas:Cm's
    LW: Henry
    ST: Kane
    RW: Bale

  3. Seaman
    Cole Campbell Adams Dixon
    Pires Vieira Modric Bale
    Henry Bergkamp

    Tottenham get 2 players based on their careers at Real Madrid

  4. I have to say , outside of North London , who cares ? Sky Sports just finding crap excuses to fill in time . Funny how no players from before 1992 make the list ! Oh i forgot Sky thinks football did not exsist before 1992 , No Martin Chivers or Peters , Charlie George , Pat Rice , John Radford , Pat Jennings , who played for both teams Note to Sky look up the words ALL TIME

  5. Lauren in his prime is all day better than Walker in both City and Tottenham's shirt. The man is so underrated because the injury ruined his career after 2005-2006 season. He's on the same level with Cafu and Zambrotta in his days. Walker is considered good because the system City gave him.

  6. As an Arsenal fan it drives me mad some things..I would have Overmars in my all-time eleven, over Ljungburg and Van Persie gets dismissed like he's Nicholas Bendtner or something

  7. Jesus… Listing Modric and Bales achievements at other clubs says it all. The only spurs player that makes a combined eleven is Sol Campbell.

    Dixon, Sol, Adams, Cole
    Vieira, Petit
    Ljungberg, DB10, Pires
    King Titi


  8. Honestly I'd take Cesc back into that midfield replacing Bale then put Bale on the right wing with Henry on the opposite wing, and then have Kane at the tip of the spear

  9. Just to say, Harry Kane did not score more goals in less games than The King 👑. He took a few more games than Henry, hate when ppl try to even compare the two.

  10. ‘I’ll acknowledge right now that Arsenal have won more trophies in this period than Tottenham’. – as opposed to what Flav, just denying a straight fact?

  11. How can that guy say Ashley Cole done more at Chelsea than arsenal while sol Campbell bale,modric and Kyle Walker done the same and the only reason they make this team 😂

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