Why Arsenal are LUCKY to have Rob Holding

Why Arsenal are LUCKY to have Rob Holding

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37 Replies to “Why Arsenal are LUCKY to have Rob Holding”

  1. Agree, Rob remains a great asset for us and hopefully will continue to do so next season. I would say similar things about Eddie, who has waited patiently for his opportunity but a lot of the fan base appear to prefer players they know less about but believe in more, Saliba a case in point and the many many players that we are rumoured to be buying all the time, in all positions, we want to improve sure but should still appreciate what we currently have

  2. Against the Ball Balancing Cocks
    Back 4 – Benjamin – Holdinio – Gabrielle – Tomi OR Tomi – Benjamin – Gabrielle – Nuno
    Back 5 – Tomi – Benjamin – Holdinio – Gabrielle – Nuno?

  3. His experience is why he is there and he knows that he is not first choice but on the training ground and on match day he is so important and has a egoless attitude unlike players at United. Elneny is the same a senior player who knows his role is bigger than just playing! Look at Scott Carson at Man city never going to play but his experience and attitude can not be matched.. check it out. Fans look at price and wage but not actually looking at the bigger picture which is the SQUAD!
    Please can you do something on the youth academy they deserve it my god they deserve it. You know this don't you…lol..well done again.. love your work.♥️

  4. I just discovered your channel, and love it. Great, intelligent and fact-backed analysis (and wonderful little dabs of humour!). Agree totally with the value of those (like Rob) who may be more relied on as squad players, and who aren't ego driven and play their part with passion.

  5. I am not gonna lie.I respect and Value Holding to Ben White. Some people dont just have luck with fans and media. I think Holding falls in that category

  6. Couldn't disagree more…..he's consistently been one of Arsenal's worst defenders year after year – people have short memories. The greatest save Holding has ever made in his career is to his hairline.

  7. Superb Video!! Appreciate the quality and this perspective that you have given. Keep up the good work! From India all the best 👏

  8. Your videos and vid ideas are lit. Agree on rob. I said kinda what u said about Elneny season before las n my mates laughed at me. Now we can see. Holding similar.

  9. I just watched you videos and subscribed! You are a breath of fresh air for the club’s fans and supporters! (Cough** after ArsenalfanTV Cough**)

    Keep up the good work mate! Keep putting in the time and effort into your videos and you will have 100k subscribers in no time!!

  10. The 2 players that we should never let go are Rob Holding and Mohd Elneny. Keep them until they retire. The most professional players in the club considering their current status at the club. These are the most important players when the going gets tough. Great in training, on the bench and when they play. And they provide prefect examples in and out of the club. Most importantly, they are the reminder of Arsene Wenger’s underrated signings for all to see. All great managers in great teams had such players to guide the rest to the dreamland.

  11. Especially if we get champions league football next season we will need to rotate our center backs if we want to compete on multiple fronts. Saliba coming back will also be vital.

  12. I've agreed to Wenger's statement
    I love Rob and I hope we keep him forever.
    Unless he wants to retire with Bolton.
    But until that point. Keep.

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