Why do we learn Excel VBA? [Automate your work]

Why do we learn Excel VBA? [Automate your work]

Learn to automate your work without coding knowledge A Coder is not a God. What matters is – Are you a problem solver? In this video, we discuss the number 1 reason to learn Excel VBA.

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00:00 Intro Screen Why learn Macros
00:04 Introduction to Learn about Visual Basic Application
01:01 Index Of Sheet Name
02:07 How to Combine Sheets in Excel VBA
03:34 Convert the Number into Text in Excel VBA

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Why do we learn Excel VBA? (automate your work without coding knowledge)
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25 Replies to “Why do we learn Excel VBA? [Automate your work]”

  1. Hi – I have 14 sheets in a workbook, each sheet has a table which I update each Friday with new date. I manually go through each sheet and add a new row to each table. Is it possible to automate this?

  2. How much time does it takes to learn VBA Macros and would it be good in long run to learn python for data analysis rather than spending time in macros

  3. Would have been nice to glance at the code for one of your examples and also get an idea on how long such things take to code. Not convincing enough without that information.

  4. THANK YOU!!! That is the most intelligent explanation of what VBA is used for. Other videos give the stupidest non-practical explanations you can not imagine. For example, this is how you make VBA say "hello". Geez!

  5. Huh, who knew VB was a thing nowadays. You can do this, or go to Google Sheets, which is vastly superior and free as opposed to office, and learn scripting in Javascript. Spend some more hours, and you could become a web developer as well.

  6. can someone pelase make a video tutorial about this video link about VBA in excel cataloging all files attributes in folders and subfolders? please? There's also a similar one in VBAexpress but Its rather hard if you dont understand it yourself


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