Why Him? Review

Why Him? Review

A surprisingly funny comedy about the war between the old and the new.

Why Him? (2016) – Red Band Trailer 2

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why him

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33 Replies to “Why Him? Review”

  1. This movie was so bad …… Ugh I don't know where to begin. Lets just string together everything we think will make the audience uncomfortable and do it in a predictable way. About 2min into this film you'll already be thinking about walking out and what other movies you could see instead.

  2. I gotta say, The trailer for this movie did not do justice to the actual movie. All these clips are more welcoming that who ever pieced the Original trailer.

    Am I seeing a trend going on here… where trailers are sabotaging the movies?

  3. I am sorry but after seeing the trailer and seeing the daughter mouth others lines is extremely off putting and its something i can never unsee. How is that able to go unnoticed in filming -.-

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