Why Is Arsenal Unlikeable? #RealTalk

Why Is Arsenal Unlikeable? #RealTalk



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12 Replies to “Why Is Arsenal Unlikeable? #RealTalk”

  1. back in the wenger days, refs pundits and journalists hated that we often did not have a single english player starting. especially between 05 and 2012

  2. Nuno is not the problem,Tierney is. We need a starting leftback to replace KT. Nuno is a backup that needs coaching. We knew this. I woukd keep nuno and sell Tierney and buy a better leftback. Tierney is a liability he has missed half the season.

  3. They just upset because we ruined the West Ham fairytale narrative. The media want a good british manager to support
    , so Moise is it for now. Here comes this young Spaniard arteta to win the double and bump them out of europa league spots. So now they will lose to Frankfurt and the story/faitytale will be no more. They are pissed.

  4. Haters gonna Hate. The English media will always have issues with Arsenal, because we are a great club with a truly global multi cultural fan base. We are bigger than England. We are simply getting back to where Arsene had us and they are scared because we are young and very good. Just need a little star dust next season. They know what's coming.

  5. If Arsenal win the NLD and secure St Totteridge Day, we should celebrate at their ground like we won the champions league, shamelessly 🎉🎉

  6. It's fear, we have the youngest team in the league and if we secure 4th next year I truely believe man u, spurs and Chelsea will be battling it out for 4th spot. and its jealousy because we have team that is so young and is already putting to 6 sides to the sword. IMAGINE what they can do in 1,2,5 years time.

    If i was a top 6 club I would be really REALLY concerned about arsanal's progress. I think man U are not getting top 4 for atleast haf a decade. minimum. MINIMUM.

  7. Because we're pushing for 4th and they don't want that because they believe in the back of their mind it could be a turning point for Arsenal…..

  8. Rival fans preferred to see Arsenal in kaos and fans fighting each other during the whole "Wenger Out" era, they hate to see any harmony at the club, now we're not even allowed to celebrate wins. AFTV & chill 🍿 is a thing of the past and they hate it 😡

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