Why Mexico Will Finally Break Their World Cup Curse In 2022

Why Mexico Will Finally Break Their World Cup Curse In 2022

Mexico is a mainstay at the World Cup but they KEEP LOSING in the famous fifth match. Can Mexico ever make it past the fifth match and maybe even WIN a World Cup?

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#Mexico #Finally #Break #World #Cup #Curse

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44 Replies to “Why Mexico Will Finally Break Their World Cup Curse In 2022”

  1. Also don't forget the World Cup Curse, winner of previous World Cup will not qualify for the Last 16 of the next World Cup. We'll see about that…..France

  2. Is no one going to talk about that the fact that Mexico has only made the quarter finals twice and coincidentally those two times were 1970 and 1986 which were the world cups they hosted. So does that mean that Mexico will break the curse in 2026? Well, maybe but it’s possible that they only make “el quinto juego” when it’s their own World Cup. Thoughts?

  3. That is pure garbage and lazy to say that the best player development is in Europe. One of the biggest problems we are having in Brasil is that our players are going to Europe to young.

  4. I’m Mexican and in my opinion the us and Canada has been playing way better and I think the team Mexico has now has been the worst out of all but don’t get me wrong there is some talent but not enough maybe 2026

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  6. I don’t seen them doing well In this World Cup
    I have doubts that they will qualify I seen how they played
    They are missing 3 players to help
    A forward for the goals
    A middle to help guardado
    And a strong defense player that can hold the back

  7. a problem is that the press in mexico, treats their players as semi gods, when they play with rivals of the level of haiti, they say that they are favorites against chile… 7-0, they say that the team of argentina in a friendly match is a team B (4-0 in 45''), etc etc etc

  8. Don’t give me hope, please don’t give me hope. It’s been so long and I have never seen Mexico qualify pass the round of 16. Right now we’re not in a very good position we need to improve before the World Cup happens and we don’t have much time left, I really hope we shape up and do something

  9. USMNT fan here. I will ONLY respect El Tri IF they win the WC. QF, SF don’t mean anything without the trophy. Same thing with us 09 squad. We lost to Brazil 3-2 and that match was a bust for us.

  10. Mexico plays qualifying games against weak and amateur teams If Mexico were to play in the COMEBOL area qualifying for the world cup could be very difficult for Mexico

  11. incompetent coaching staff,same sacred cows in the team,a mediocre mexican league with no youth development or very little and not to mention they got rid of regulation and promotion🤦🏾‍♂️,media who hypes the team way too much,same dufus rats filling their pockets in the federation until there is a serious self evaluation we will continue to be a joke of a team

  12. One reason why we are struggle to beat Cananda and USA is cause the coach and players like coach needs to call up the players who going to play like he hasn’t called chichoartio for long time he play very far and Arteaga is our best left back but instead not call him up and also our players are not playing and the best like Chucky,Raúl,corona which is our attack trio Hasn’t been playing great and the national team

  13. Marcelo Flores, Fernando Herrera and Alex alcala, now they just need to be wise with their career and think career first, not club and money first, even if they're waiting to get started and become starters they can just simply wait, maybe in 2026 they can atleast get to 2026 and there curse will end if the talents care about talent, not ego, money and big teams, atleast not big teams yet

  14. No offense — is this a video about portraying how Europe is a superior space. I bet 2022, Mexico will outperform USA & some European teams.. I guarantee you.

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