Windows 11 Better compatibility check tool Whynotwin11 will tell you what is missing

Windows 11 Better compatibility check tool Whynotwin11 will tell you what is missing

This tool will explain in better detail what is not compatible on your PC for Windows 11. Don’t worry about the warnings when you download and run it

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  1. I hate that some systems that are less than 3 years old (purchase date) are being left out. Think Ryzen 1 and Intel 7th gen. I have an Intel i5-7300HQ Lenovo Yoga laptop that is a little over 3 years old from when I got it as a warranty replacement and it probably won't get Windows 11. It has EVERYTHING Microsoft says they want in a Windows 11 laptop except that they say 7th gen and older is too old (not by age of the systems but 1st production date of the processor). What a shame. This laptop will slowly get less and less usage over time once Windows 11 comes out.

  2. My PC is only 4 years old. Its a 256 GB Solid State Drive. System memory is 8 GB. Its an Intel 7th Gen i5 Processor, Ram 8 gigs explandable to 16. Tha't all I know. Can't get the git hub thing to work. Doesn't look like what you showed us. ???????

  3. I could not get this to work. Why no win 11.exe just took me to a "my pictures" file. What's up with that???????? I'm not getting the same window as you are.

  4. My pc has an intel I3 pro and dates back to 6 years ago
    I am one of those who won't receive the upgrade
    I guess Microsoft is following Apple steps
    Time to switch to Linux distros I think

  5. This is not fair my pc and laptop are 1 year old and i meet everything on both machines its just the processor requirement that is not supported. The pc is AMD R7 Radeon A10 series 7th Gen 9700 APU and laptop Is AMD Ryzen 3 2200U And Both Passed everything but the processor .

  6. This processor requirement is a load of poo! My 2015 asus laptop has the TPM 2.0 and the secure boot and the memory and the storage but it's a 5th gen i7 5500U. It's a dual core that runs at 2.4 and can boost up to three. This far exceeds the minimum requirements yet that line in the sand is just there to force people to buy new systems!

  7. Bummer! Got a message that read; ' This app can't run on your PC' So I Guess I'm outta gas!? (haha) Well this pc's at least 12 years old now! (An HP- Says something for HP's I would think) Well when it's really time, to buy a new one I will.

  8. Well the CPU compatibility is yellow, it's a sixth gen i5 @ 2.3GHz, guess I'll switch to Linux when win 10 goes unsupported.

    I have not even received 21H1.

  9. Thank You Once Again! I just got in, so now I'm chomping at the bit once again. To check out your new link for answers! Although I know my old pc, won't be able to run windows 11. But it's like you were saying. We'll get a more complete picture, on where we old pc owners stand. (Older than 5 years say)

  10. I know for sure that my PC (2013) won't make the Grade, haha.
    If I ran this Tool I already know I'm getting a bunch of Red, lmao.
    Can't wait to see the new PCs with Win 11 that will be coming out because I (obviously) need a New PC.
    Update: Just out of sheer curiosity I ran the Tool.
    Everything was cool except for CPU Compatibiilty (?), DirectX+WDDM2 (X) and TPM (X).

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