Windows 11 Compatibility Checker | WhyNotWin11

Windows 11 Compatibility Checker | WhyNotWin11

Windows 11 Compatibility Checker Alternative, today we will cover Pc Health Check Windows 11
and WhyNotWin11 App, bypass Windows 11 system requirements and upgrade without any problems.

Microsoft stated that if your device doesn’t support TPM 2.0 and secure boot then you won’t be able to upgrade from windows 10 to windows 11.
and to make it easy today we will cover two useful tools to know why your pc does not meet the minimum requirements for windows 11

Pc Health Check Windows 11:
with the announcement of win 11, Microsoft did release a tool called PC Health Check
to check if your device support Trusted Platform Module and secure boot.
At the moment you can’t install the app when you visit the official Microsoft website you will see this message [pc health check windows 11= coming soon]
Pc Health Check Windows 11 Download

WhynotWin11 App:
there is an alternative called WhynotWin11 better than the Microsoft compatibility tool.
Offering you more info about your system hardware.
how to run whynotwin11:
simply download the app and open it, then let it run for a while to check your pc hardware.
Download WhyNotWin11:

install windows 11 on unsupported hardware:
you can install easily bypass Windows 11 system requirements
there are so many tutorials online that cover how to install windows 11 without TPM 2.0 support.

Just don’t use it on your main device, If you had any problems you can simply downgrade windows 11 to 10 to a more stable OS which will be supported until 2025 so there is no reason to upgrade right now since we are talking on a beta version of Win 11.

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