World's best players still want to join us I Liverpool v Arsenal I Arteta press conference Part 1

World's best players still want to join us I Liverpool v Arsenal I Arteta press conference Part 1

0:00 INTRO
0:10 have to put Forest in the bin as this game too important
1:15 We have strategy how we want to strengthen the team
1:46 players going out? Lots of factors to consider but everyone here fully involved
2:10 Nuno Tavares? These things happen in football but my job is to make these decisions
3:00 I’ve been there as a player and experiences not always pleasant
3:30 Nuno reaction ok and we move on and focus on his good things
4:05 selection difficult as situation evolving every day
5:00 our willingness is always to play
5:25 changes of legs home and away could change things
6:05 always hopeful in any match when going for a trophy
6:40 Liverpool false tests frustrating? Not in our control
7:40 have to trust the results and people who oversee the tests
8:17 Nuno reaction an emotional moment
8:50 predictions for transfer window? Lots of rumours
9:45 realistic to sign players when not in Europe? Historically best players in world want to come here
10:45 ESR been out because not fit – his performances been extraordinary
11:30 ESR has more demands on him now and he has coped well
12:30 Ainsley deal had to be done because of timings
13:20 Eddie Nketiah will stay here with us
13:45 When know if Xhaka can play – negative and healthy?
15:00 season hang on next three matches?
15:15 had ten players unavailable v Forest but we did not try to have it postponed as we want to play matches
16:05 League Cup semi-finals switch to one leg and even scrap the competition in future?

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta discusses injuries, transfers and Covid issues ahead of League Cup semi-final first leg away to Liverpool.

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49 Replies to “World's best players still want to join us I Liverpool v Arsenal I Arteta press conference Part 1”

  1. Worlds best want to join arsenal…. Yea you aren’t fooling anyone with that statement. Not been a big club for almost 15 years now. And when you can’t compete on the aspect of silverware or money you have no chance of getting the worlds best. Hell your last worlds best was fabregas.

  2. I can be wrong, but I Arteta needs to be more transparent about our present condition. He has to address the mismanagement of our midfield right now. Apart from White and Gabriel, I see no other CBs that can thwart the threats of any opposition. He has to sort out our bench strength with respect to this position.

  3. I get the feeling our squad gonna be really thin for this game too. Im sure liverpool were not intentionally try to cheat but i just dont understand why their postpone request got accepted when alot of it was injury which was not being counted?
    Uncontrollable things seems to always go against us, referee decisions, VAR decisions, these covid stuff etc.

  4. we are tired of hearing the talk… go out and sign these elite players then. The fact we are keeping Eddie just shows are intent as a club are still miles away from what they should be. Eddie should be sold and a striker should be coming in

  5. We need to gear up for a rough ride until Afcon is finished, the risks of running a young squad mean we're going to have dips. I enjoy Artetas press conferences he seems like a stand up guy.

  6. More constant waffle from cone layer, the fraud who after spending £250m still manages to get embarrassed by a struggling Championship side.
    Highlights for me were him supporting his decision to send out AMN out on loan, explaining how it is playing for your country when he never played for his once and assuring us that Eddie Nketiah's staying with us. Seriously, how does he still have a job in football??
    Yet his 'admirers' are still backing him claiming he needs another 7/8 players to be a top 4 team, ffs which team doesn't?
    It's gonna be a busy January for Arteta and the other clown Edu as they look to sell and replace most of their previous signings…

  7. Liverpool are a disgrace, no players to face Arsenal but they've got plenty to win in the FA cup.. Arsenal's problem is we always play by the rules, Klopp, Fergy, José all play dirty tricks and it wins them trohpies.

  8. he has no hope that any type of players will be joining arsenal in the current transfer market – just that he hopes he can rely on a very depleted squad for tomorrows game. no rumour mill is attached to the arsenal official statement, that's what he means when he notions with not being able to talk about it. when you make statements like the best players then its worth mention – if arsenal are will to pay the difference on request -Arteta knows that they wont but it has to be made to look like they are willing.

  9. No excuses – we should have won Nottingham game. But MAKE SURE NOTHING LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

    Clearly Arteta is going nowhere because when the likes of Mourinho, Conte and even Gerard were available, they failed to sign. Of these three Gerard is the least experienced, but he is a Liverpool legend and the players would be intimidated by him.

    The problem with Arsenal is that the players are not intimidated by Arteta – they think every day is a free lunch.😁😉

  10. FA CUP exist may be the best thing to happen to Arsenal. It will push them to fight in the EFL Cup and challenge strong and probably finish in top 4. Don't think they will sign a striker this summer. It will be summer.

  11. That FA Cup game was a clear indication on how thin our squad depth is. We have zero quality if you remove a few first team players. Cedric is dead, he cant deputize long term for Tomiyasu – we need to sign in that position (summer), we need a starting quality CM to compete and cover for Xhaka/Partey (now on loan or permanent contract). We need to also quickly resolve the strikers position, if we are going to sign a striker (Vlahovic) then Nketiah should leave this window. Give Lacazette a 1 year extension so that we can have the option of keeping him next season.

    More strengthening in the summer if we want to build faster and get to City, Liverpool level in 2-3 years. If we want to get on their level we have to recruit like them and take opportunities to strengthen in every window.

  12. World's best players???..mbaape,haaland.???..😂😂😂😂im tired of this arteta's media nonsense…talk when the players have joined…if not humiliation as always…but as arsenal fans we r used to tired really

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