Writing a Vulkan renderer from scratch [Part 0]

Writing a Vulkan renderer from scratch [Part 0]

I share my experience using Vulkan for the first time. I didn’t get much done in this devlog, but this is very much on purpose. I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with how Vulkan works and the theory behind its operation.

Useful Links for Learning Vulkan (and other things)

Vulkan specification:
Vulkan samples:
Vulkan hello-triangle:

Check out my ray-tracing video plz:

This video looks at the following topics:
– How I learn a new API
– Vulkan
– Game engine development

As of the recording of this video, the game is under the working title of “Cereal Adventure.” It’s an indie game in which a sentient cereal box must navigate a dangerous 2.5D world in order to beat out his breakfast competitors.

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