Yemin 393. Bölüm | The Promise Season 4 Episode 393

Yemin 393. Bölüm | The Promise Season 4 Episode 393

Yemin dizisinin son bölümünde; Emir, bir kez daha Gülperi’yi tehlikeden kurtarır. İkili arasında yeni bir aşk macerası başlar…

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Yemin 393. Bölüm Özeti: (4. Sezon 43. Bölüm)
Gülperi’yi son anda Ahmet’in elinden kurtaran Emir, Ahmet’i yaraladığı için nezarethaneye atılır. Ancak, Ahmet, Emir’i öldürmesi için bir adam tutar. Emir dikkati sayesinde tehlikeden kurtulur. Gülperi ise olan olaylardan kendisini suçlu hisseder. Öte yandan, gözü dönen Meltem, Narin’e çok büyük bir zarar verir. Kemal’i elde etmek için çabalayan Meltem’in ise planları ters gider…

Gökberk Demirci
Setenay Süer
Can Verel
Yaghmur Shahbazova
Ahmet Ömer Metiner
Gül Arcan
Büşra Oğur
Nevzat Yılmaz
Melahat Abbsova
Gözde Gündüzlü
Derya Kurtuluş
Esra Çoban
Barış Gürses
Yiğit Arslan
Korkut Çözer
Hatice Öztürk

Yönetmen: Reyhan Pekar
Senarist: Nazmiye Yılmaz
Yapım: Karamel Yapım
Müzik: Minör


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44 Replies to “Yemin 393. Bölüm | The Promise Season 4 Episode 393”

  1. With Reyhan & even Feride to some extent Emir had chemistry .. of course he was at a totally different level with Reyhan .. especially in Season 2 , in Season 3 he shared a very good relationship with Feride if not love ..but in S4 with Gulperi there is no love no friendship ..just non stop staring ..pls makers try to do re invent story line to show some chemistry between the two leads

  2. Aunque no sabemos la traducción, pero el final fue muy divertido, todas esperando el enojo de Emir por la foto, y luego el respiro de alivio 😂😂😂.

  3. Когда вы уже поймёте что он очень любит свою жену Озге но у нее свой проект своя работа , это девушка старается это ее первый фильм а про жену он ей сказал что потерял жену ему тяжело вспоминать её но и забыть никогда не забудет. Дай Аллах прожить долгую жизнь и дружную. С Озге

  4. ความรักเธอชั่งน่าสงสารจังเอมิตร😭😭💃💃💃😡😡😡❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. PART 6
    Kemal: take a break a while. Actually, I'll have a surprise for you, you'll understand soon, I'll be right back. All of this will go away here.

    Narin: you're not serious?

    Kemal: I was going to say yes.

    Narin: It's late at this hour, but

    Kemal: It's been decided, Mrs. Narin, I'll go and come, all of this will end. Agreed?

    Narin: please stay with me, you'll go tomorrow, don't be late.

    Kemal: don't worry, I'll be right back


    Meltem: that's enough, now let's move on.

    Receptionist: Here you go, Ms. Meltem

    Meltem: Is Mr. Levent outside?

    Receptionist: He just left but you guys still be careful more OK go ahead and he's scaring me.

    Meltem: Don't worry about me, my dear, if there was a fire, it would burn as much as a crime, you stupid guy


    Emir: How do you do this, have you explanation you got for me?

    Gulperi: What did I do?

    Emir: You went to Ahmet's office so that he could withdraw his complaint, you wouldn't know about anything if he said that much. Why did you do this?

    Gulperi: I didn't have any bad intentions so that I could find a cure.

    Emir: I'm not questioning the puppy's license anyway. How did you go? Don't you remember what he's done to you?

    you are smart ? How do you….Look, you have nothing to say to him.

    Gulperi: I wanted to help, you were arrested. I couldn't just stand there because of me.

    Emir: If… even though I know I'm going to die in prison,

    You wouldn't do it, you wouldn't go to that man's feet, I would not ask him for something, don't you understand me?

    Look, from now on, you will not bow to anyone, no matter what happens to you. Your gaze will not touch the ground in front of anyone, never in front of such men like Ahmet

    you're taking me, aren't you?


    Meltem: Look bad at you, stupid guy broke in front of me

    Levent: I told you if you do me wrong, you will be held accountable for it.

    Meltem: Did you think you could hold me with such nonsense, look at you, you are pathetic, get out of my car. I have a lot of work.

    Levent: I'm not finished with what I'm going to tell you, no one who screwed me up won't survive, you understand?

    Meltem: things are like that. You brought them.

    Levent: You also increased the value of the shares as a result of this?

    Meltem: That's right. I increased it, you got your due too. Now get the hell out of here.

    Levent: you are not going anywhere, Ms. Meltem


    Melike: Won't Gulperi Eat

    Emir: How is the food ready? Eat your food. Enjoy your meal

    Oya: While you were away, Yigit really wanted to put the frame there.

    Cavidan: he wanted to have a photo, he will make a hindu with it


    Levent: I'm canceling the sales agreement you made, you will give back the shares to me

    Meltem: you gave a price, I paid the shares, I do what I want.

    Levent: You will give me back my shares. I don't give you any other choice.

    Meltem: We say hello, you know minis, do you know how many men like you struggled until I got to this point?

    Go before I piss off any more and get plenty or I'll make you regret it

    Levent: How are you going to do that? Come on, make me regret it

    Meltem: let me go, you maniac. leave me alone

    comfy huh……


    Cavidan: Emir

    "Doctor: It's time for me that everything is fine, now it's time to take pictures. I have a habit of mine. I can't send the child without taking a picture with his family."

    Emir: then let's make a nice pose, let's see right

    Doctor: yes come on girl come on

    Yigit: Father, tell the story. Come on, fairy girl.

    Doctor: You're very hard on the little ones, but here you are, please.

    Yigit: now, it's done

    "The weak will be moved, it was never now"

    "Emir: I don't believe in you anymore, anyone can believe it, but I'm not saying, so stop doing private"business.

    it fits here..

  6. PART 5
    Friend: I don't believe you, how did you do this?

    Meltem: How can you leave this and see the result. When Narin sees her husband's messages full of love for me, she will go crazy. Have you added a few photos? It's OK.

    they'll both see what it's like to ignore me


    Doctor: My Narin's husband values ​​verse. There is nothing to do, relax.

    Kemal: Why is that then?

    Doctor: Look, Kemal, you've had a very difficult time lately. Best night, this hospital has become unable to do her job, she thinks she spent all this in neutral

    Kemal: Why, Fatih, you also know that the circle is very strong, I can manage to stand even in difficult conditions. Why did this happen?

    Doctor: They say, He will give us all the answers. She's fine for the moment. She'll be back soon.

    you calm down.

    Kemal: my beautiful wife is right, Narin, open your eyes

    I promise you, everything will pass. much for me. Not exactly without waiting but not giving the most beautiful eyes in the world.


    Cavidan: Emir, thank God, this too has passed.

    Oya: Emir We are about to eat and about to go crazy and you came on time.

    Melike: You are welcome too son, get well soon

    Emir: Thank, it's nothing

    Cavidan: Why didn't you let us know?

    Emir: According to the lawyer, Ahmet's complaint will come.

    Cavidan: as if he was right

    Oya: Me, aunt, Emir is at home now, but

    the white of some little handsome comes in

    Yigit: My father came, why should I be sad?

    Cavidan: my lamb, Let's pack up and prepare the table, right?

    Emir: why should we say no more?

    Yigit: ok ok

    Melike: ok I'm preparing the table now

    Oya: I'll help too, we'll be ready quickly

    Emir: Wrong Am I going to talk about superior works?

    Cavidan: Ok son, take this too, relax

    Yigit: I'll come too

    Emir: please come on then

    Yigit: Isn't the fairy girl happy?


    Kemal: The effects of the drugs continue, okay?

    Narin: I'm really good. Don't worry anymore

    Kemal: I wish I had the review district But it's not possible

    Narin: My mother might be wondering, I want to see her.

    Sheriye: Don't worry it was too crowded for your purpose, wait by the plane to Bade in case I'll get to leave Yildiz, I'll go to them soon.

    Narin: Ok thanks sister Sheriye

    Sheriye: from your beauty Look at me

    Kemal: The doctor said to drink plenty of fluids. Let's see.

    Narin: it started again, this time it got more intense, it's not going to pass

    You have a wife with trembling hands at this age but are you unlucky?

    Kemal: you are the biggest unlucky one in my life

    Don't talk like that, even if these hands are shaking, if the train is a train, don't let it go.

    Narin: you think

    Kemal: While you were lying motionless on the ground….

    when it hit me, I was very, very scared

    Narin: you are my hero, you found me not only for today, but also found the present truth

    Did you get anywhere because of me?

    I'll always say, I'm glad you're in good luck, you're my husband.


    Meltem: I would very much like to write these messages with your own hands, Kemal Tarhun, they are amazing

    Tell me Yildiz, I'm listening

    Yildiz: Mrs. Narin came home

    Meltem: She quickly recovered. What is she doing?

    Yildiz: in the room with her husband In my opinion, this disease has brought the two of them closer together

    Meltem: I didn't ask you, don't comment, just give me the news. Is there anything else?

    Yildik: none

    Meltem: Enjoy your last days Double doves, I guess if you see these delicate messages, the ground will shake


    Emir: never

    Gulperi: eat 7 early

    slept without protest

    you are at home, the world has become his

    Emir: How are you?

    Gulperi: Me? I'm better now

    Emir: Have you eaten?

    Gulperi: I'm not hungry

    Emir: We will all be together at the table, look, I do not accept objections.

    …I am not hungry

    Cavidan: Let's put it like this with olive oil, this is Oyacim, Emir

    she loves so much

    Oya: Oh, aunt, when he sees you, they think that Emir came years later.

    Cavidan: God forbid

    Melike: God forbid, Amen

    Gulperi: Let me help too

    Melike: Ok daughter
    Oya: Emir came too.

    let's sit

    Emir: we'll eat later, let's talk a little

    Cavidan: What happened again, for God's sake?

    Kemal: You made the city spill with your sister, you know that all of these will go away. I will even go to you

    Narin: I wonder if I click too many Muslims

    Kemal: I couldn't hear you for a minute, that wasn't a complaint.

    Narin: complaining?


    Narin: No, I am very pleased.

    Sheriye: My sister also thinks of everything.

    put your tray on roses

    isn't it her today?

    Kemal: I guess it is, who else will put it?

    Let's see, without wasting time and sticking to it for a few hours, it's not worth it, it's special for the evening that Sheriye will do there.

    You wanted food, I give it for me, we have it

    Narin: Yes, but as you can see, I couldn't make it happen.

  7. PART 4
    Emir: What happened man?

    Police: we took him to the other building, did you know?

    Emir: No, I'm scared.. I'm getting angry. But I think you know me.

    Police: He has a lot of criminal records, we drove a bike like this

    He'll be comfortable without getting into trouble. He might be on the attack.

    Emir: you like that?

    Police: If you knew he is coming here, you will probably be a complainant.

    Emir: I'm not complaining.

    Police: You can get the shield you have forgotten so much of your business here.

    "I just did it. We can do it again. can't we?

    Gulperi: Yes

    Good. ok, it's over. It's over, calm down, after me again. It has passed
    Gulperi:: It has passed
    Emir: Good. You don't need to do anything, it will not take so much. Don't worry. I'll be back, don't worry

    Gulperi: What will I say to you, Yigit? When will you see your father, what will I answer?

    "Did someone hurt your wrists?


    Mert: Hello.

    Secretary: There are few minutes left in the meeting, Mr. Kemal. I made the necessary preparations and talked to the Masters, he was on his way.

    Kemal: I have to go to the emergency home, these meetings have been cancelled.

    Secretary: They were supposed to come from Building Supervision at the important meeting.

    Kemal: I know what to gather. Cancel them all. You'll make a schedule for tomorrow. where did I put the phone in the bag? I haven't spoken today.


    Meltem: So you're calling the phone, but I'm sorry I can't pick up

    I wonder how your dear wife will react when she sees the love messages you wrote to me, your feelings are not for free.

    Do not bother. Didn't you like it?

    Secretary: Mrs. Meltem, Mr. Levent wanted to enter here, we don't have security inside but he's still waiting here outside

    Meltem: wait, he will go away again.


    Sefer: What will you want when the weather is cold, go inside if you want. I forgot, let me see if there's anything on us.

    Gulperi: no need, I'm fine thank you very much

    Sefer: If you still need something, just ask me okay?

    "Don't worry I'm here"


    Yigit: this is the magic key song Fairy girl My father made it so that the monsters would not be in your house, and I played it again

    Emir: We will know more

    Yigit: "don't lose these keys, ok, I do have one of the same ones, me and my father too"

    Yigit: I made a happiness doll. Did it help in the game sense?

    Gulperi: very beautiful

    Yigit: Now you can be happy too, right?


    On call: Let's take Emir bey out
    Police: let's get the satisfactory news.

    Emir: what happened, is there a development?

    Police: stay out now, you'll find out.

    Amir: Could it be?


    Sheriye: Welcome, Usak, you're early today?

    Kemal: Yes, it does. Where is Narin, I haven't seen her?

    Sheriye: I didn't have any sparks. Usak, she had gone out.

    Kemal: Where is she? How would she get there?

    Sheriye: Well, I'll go look for her, I'll look at the park, I'll go, I'll hear it, I'll call

    I didn't understand, so I didn't understand

    Kemal: ….have you seen her?

    Sheriye: No…..

    Kemal: no, she's not at home then

    Where will she go…

    Sheriye: Here it is

    Kemal: she's not answering, I'll go outside at least

    Sheriye: where will you call, Usak

    Kemal: I'll look around, Narin doesn't do that easily, we'll managed to keep looking for her
    Sheriye: OK, I'll call, the sound is close.

    Kemal: Narin, Narin, what happened to you?

    Narin, can you hear me? Narin?


    Emir: I told you I would get back to you.

    Gulperi: Anyway, Thank God you're here

    Emir: I will tell you how it is with the people at home, I will tell you at home.


    Tulay: God dammit, how come? He should have stayed inside. He immediately took his woodshed mouse with him.

    Kasim Bey, you will take the 12-year-old girl, who will be your oath.

    Why didn't you come? When will this nonsense end?


    Yigit: Dad. You have finally arrived

    Emir: so you didn't think about it, partner, how are you?

    Yigit: I'm bored just now But now I'm very fine

    Kemal: I found her and she was lying on the ground, but how long has it had a flag, I said I would come, I opened it, tried to speak, but she didn't answer me by getting in your eyes. For god's sake, don't say anything.

    Doctor: Kemal, you're out, we'll see what happens soon.

    Kemal: No, I can't leave her alone in this state.


    Meltem: Meltem, I thought a lot, tried to stop myself, but I no longer have the hot power.

    Hmm, let's add some pain sauce soon. I know you're going to say you're married.

    But it's so hard I can't get you off my mind for a second

    Also, from the first time I saw you, you were so beautiful, let's see how she will react when she sees the messages of agreement with your beloved wife.

    Meltem: Honey?

    Friend: I know that delightful voice, you're turning your part into something.

    Meltem: I was reading Kemal's hungry messages. Or rather, I was writing.

    Friend: How come, I didn't understand something?

    Meltem: I took Kemal's phone and I write myself messages full of love, but see how the Ad makes love to me.

  8. Kemal knocks on the door of his own house, and this snake Meltem enters whenever he wants, because she has the key. Comedy screenplay. Cheap and stupid. 🙈🤪😝

  9. PART 3
    Sheriye: How am I waiting, Kivilcim? I heard you don't want to drink so I came?

    Narin: Sheriye Abla, I was going to drink soon

    Sheriye: I will not go without you finishing your juice. Take it in your hands and finish it in one go.

    Look, let your heart rest in Anatolia, my daughter. Take a good look at yourself and have a good day too


    Secretary: Wait, I'm just saying stop, you can't go in. I tried to stop Mr. Kemal But

    Kemal: It's okay, you can leave. What's the matter, what do you want?

    Levent: I said I bought the shares from Meltem more than they could.

    Kemal: Yes, that's right. What's wrong with you?

    Levent: So what will my loss be?

    Kemal: I said I bought the money and shares, don't say that, the rest rested, now I can do it

    Levent: I'm not dating. I'm not one of your employees you can order.

    Kemal: You can't, dishonest, dishonest people who work for me anyway, you will never come here from now on… the man said so….


    Ahmet: I know you are very angry with me, but believe me, I did it just for you, Gülperi. I fell in love, if you weren't afraid of me, you would have given me a chance. Look, you can't be happy with people. You don't belong to him. You don't care about that man either. If you will be silent like this, we will not talk, why did you get up and come here then?

    Gulperi: Withdraw your complaint. Whatever he did, he did to protect me. You didn't leave him any other choice.

    Ahmet: So you want me to withdraw the complaint, do you love him that much, thin gentleman?

    Police: Get in, I thought I'd put it right and then I'd leave

    Ahmet: Do you love that rich robe, Gülperi, don't be silent, say something. Answer me

    Gulperi: Withdraw your complaint

    Ahmet: I understand that, I will understand

    "So why do you love her so much"

    Emir: Who sent you? Who are you?….

    Ahmet: Isn't it one of the cakes, Emir?

    Get out, Gulperi I don't to see you, Gulperi

    I don't want you, Get out, go away

    God damn it

    "Look, you're going to confuse me, but remember this."

    Ahmet: Go out as partners.

    Man: Hello

    Ahmet: I am Genghis Ahmet

    Man: O Ahmet brother, weren't you in the Netherlands? No, I said that's all, but there was no role

    Ahmet: Time will see, listen to me, I couldn't resist, the woman will bring you money, the money you will make is a gift for you, but if it says you need a small paper first, you will go.

    What mis ..

    Ahmet: I will tell you again

    Emir: Who sent you? I'm talking to you.

    who are you? get All Ways, you?

    Look at me. You want a beating?

    Police rushed to the scene…

    I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you….speak….

    Police: Emir, let him go

    Kemal: Wait a minute, never to come before me…did you hear me? get out now

    Levent: You came too, look, it would be great

    Meltem: Stay away

    Kemal: Get him out now.

    Levent: I'm going to settle accounts with both of you separately.

    Kemal: I don't want to see you again either.


    Sheriye: Hah, fix this side of it, rest in peace my dear Yildiz

    Isn't it old

    Narin: I will give the values ​​very well at the beginning

    Sheriye: Thank God.

    Yildiz: I'll stop if you want

    Naren: I will

    Sister Sheriye, is there anything to buy from outside, so I can handle it while I'm out?

    Sheriye: I missed the list, so stop the kitchen, Asus, what are we going to do for the evening?

    Narin: Let's make stuffing, because Kemal loves it, if Kemal loves it, let's do everything, let it be a small surprise.

    Sheriye: It came to us, she thought of it, she'll make a tea for you. But when you get better, I'll do it to you too, but in terms of what you love.

    Narin: I'm so clumsy

    Sheriye: Narin stop. You come here, huh.

    You're going to cut yourself like that, I'll take care of it. You go shopping and sleep with him.

    Narin: you won't forget the drugs, right?

    Yildiz: Don't worry, Mrs. Narin

    Sheriye: My Kivilcim is not easy because she has been shaking a lot.

    Narin: Stop now, stop. Why is this happening?


    Cavidan: If only we could go and see

    Oya: Emir said don't come, sister-in-law

    Cavidan: you know, I know sitting like this bothers me

    Melike: you barely forgot

    Cavidan: He's asking for his father, right?

    Melike: my father, my father, he cried and he…
    Oya: I don't know what we will do when he wakes up

    Cavidan: O my God, whom I am a victim of, how are you testing us, my heart can't take it anymore.

    Melike: All this wouldn't have happened if Ercan hadn't helped if it wasn't for the foot. I'm so sorry, I'm going crazy, I'll tell you, Ms. Cavidan

    Cavidan: What does it have to do with you, Melike, for God's sake, we do know you?

    Oya: How old is Ercan, man? Melike Sister, he is responsible for what he did, such things.

    Yigit: grandmother

    Cavidan: Grandson, you're awake?

    Yigit: I'm burning that my father's picture is right here.

    Oya: My aunt, I'll give you another photo of this. You put it on. Let's remove it. It's too big.

    Yigit: are we opening with a photo? I want to see it here

    Melike: I removed it but

    Yigit: but I found it, why did you remove it, angel Melike

    Cavidan: Okay, grandson, whatever you want.

    come, let me ask you something. The problem is that we also love it, my fault is Or you warm me up video super grandchild power.

    Oya: You immediately forget that his grandmother was the healing Taurus, right?

    Yigit: Dad, do you know, when will Dad come?

  10. Туркияга конун хар кимга хар хилми Тулай Гулпарини отди хечким сурамади Эмирга шунча гувох яна пичок узиники эмас узини химоя килди тушунарсиз деталларга этибор кимайсила

  11. I DONT KNOW THE CONVERSATION, but while sitting at the dinner table (very quietly) they knew Emri was upset.His facial expression was on point. Cavidan who loves to chat, was speechless. The tone in which he address Gulpira brought her back to initially be the shy girl she was when she arrived at the Farm House. Every body and their mama got scared/tense/sad AND remained speechless.😂😂😅. By this time Gulpira got teary eyes. Emri's facial expression after looking at the photo of him, Gulpira & Yigit, caused Cavidan to trembled. Her expression was pricelesss.😂😂, Everybody and their Mama, were tensed .Oya said something. Emri with an unrelaxed face looked at Gulpira, whose eyes were glossy. Cavidan looked at Emri & said something, but Emri's stoned facial expression caused her to quickly blinked away from him.😂😂 Gulpira became more tensed and teary eyes, after seeing Emri with a stone cold facial expression angrily left the table & to takeup the photo of him, Gulpira & Yigit. .He stopped (flashbacks played),sighed & took up the photo. Gulpira's facial expression told me her heart started to palpitate due to fear. (She had a flash back of a convo between she & Emri ). SHE HAVE NO IDEA WHICH SIDE OF EMRI SHE WILL C NOW.😂😂. Emri took up the photo, gently fixed it, put it back. With a now relaxed face – seemed to be smiling- he turned and said something (I dont know ) to Gulpira who was wiping tears from her eyes. Gulpira was surprised. Everybody & their mama(other family members)finally EXHALED.
    Gulpira gave a little smile (now she seems relaxed), while Emri stood there looking at her.🤗🤗🤣🤣 . Poor Gulpia.

  12. Poor Gulpira.😂. Before she can say to Emri "I love you" or " I am in love with you", she has to learn "The FIFYY Shades of EMRI". This man is fightinh his inner feelings, thus confusing everybody..

  13. PART 2
    Tulay: Just like that, he messed everything up, he got comfortable now, he's at his door

    The police lie like a box in the hospital. I have to go to him now, I need to shut his mouth. Did Hayret call the stupid uncle too? Supposedly, he took that mouse while Emir was inside? but still no movement.

    Ercan, I have to hang up.


    Kemal: OK, I understand, we'll talk about the details when I arrive.

    Yildiz: Mr. Kemal, were you dating? I brought you tea too.

    Kemal: Thanks, I need to get out of my health first

    Asterisks: I wish you want the newly brewed Tea hot hot.

    Kemal: Well then, I normally just take my bag and go.

    Yildiz: I thought I'd watch the drama when I played it.

    Narin: Ms. Yildiz, would you go to my mother's?

    Kamal: Yes? Ok. Okay, did they send it to you already? When it arrives, we will talk face to face. See you

    Narin: Where are you going without breakfast?

    Kemal: Your life, I have to come first

    Narin: a bite or two, you can't go anywhere without eating, I don't want any objections

    "You still don't understand, you haven't handed the phone yet."


    Cavidan: There was no courage left to the mother, it also happened. Okay, I know that even my daughter does nothing on purpose, but I can't handle what happened to my son anymore.

    Emir recalls: "You made it my thing, nice"

    "Your heart's fetus stops but it breaks. I'm so broken. Love does not unite the broken, but protects it from breaking."

    Sefer: I was looking for you , if you complain with Emir, the election police are waiting for you at the police station again. We need a new statement

    Ahmet: Let me do something like an emergency for my pain.

    Tulay: That's the punishment for the stupid head, you'll be moaning like this, didn't I tell you it's over, what would you say?

    Why … you enter

    Ahmet: I wanted everything as you wanted, I entered, what could happen if you go.

    Tulay: we said you see, it didn't work. I bought it. What more do you want, do you want trouble? But

    Ahmet: You know the brides because I'm going to kiss you now, right?

    I want you in the mouth of the witch afraid that I will get you

    Tulay: just shut up, but if you want, we'll open your purse

    Ahmet: No, I bought more than you asked for or do you want it?

    Tulay: ok I will, but then you will be dust in the middle. It will be closed forever on this subject.

    Ahmet: You will deliver the money to this address, I will tell you when you prepare it, and you will leave it to me by phone.

    Tulay: Which phone?

    Ahmet: You talked to me in secret. I know you're not stupid enough to call me from your phone number, Ms. Tülay


    Kemal: Take it easy

    Narin: See you later, thank you

    Hello, Yes? Hello, didn't answer. See you, now I think…

    Yildiz: Ms. Narin, run, Ms. Münevver, something happened

    Narin: Mom, check

    Yildiz: Ms. Münevver, she didn't open her eyes, I tried to bring her to her senses, but no matter what I did, she didn't open her eyes. I thought it was…

    Narin: Everything seems normal

    Yildiz: My blood pressure has dropped, I wonder if I'll bring the device, you take a look.

    Kemal: To the understanding that she did this for no reason.


    Meltem: She couldn't do the job

    Levent: I heard that you bought it for three cents from me, are you selling yourself to someone else?

    You think you're awake, but I won't let you eat that money, Ms. Meltem.

    Meltem: the money is mine, call me. So it's not yours. You won't get a penny this time, don't call me again


    Emir: stay alive. Look at me, it's not your fault, don't worry about everything. How is Yigit?

    Gulperi: He's fine

    Emir: Did he asked for me?

    Gulperi: Ahuh, sister Melike said that she will come.

    Gulperi: Well

    Emir: he didn't want you

    Gulperi: Telling tales is what you tell

    Emir: Well, the explanation.

    Ok. Do not be sad. It will pass. calm down

    Police Guard: The time is up

    Emir: Don't worry, this will end


    Tulay: I wouldn't let a three-penny man like you go at work

    Man: Tulay sister

    Tulay: Are you Cengizhan?

    Man: Well, I am.

    Tulay: Ah They're all in here.
    Man: Our brother Ahmet does not worry, we will not be crooked.

    Tulay: Anyway, see for yourself.

    Man: Daddy, I have a job for you

    We drank crime, what do I need to go back to for the day I will complete the job I got your money Now I will ask you for something You will also bring monthly, we agreed

    But you are curious, the rich people are in jail and our brother wanted you to see his account, that's all.


    Meltem: What are you afraid of?

    Yildiz: it wasn't easy but I got it now

    Meltem: Nobody didn't see it, right?

    Yildiz: Don't worry, I have to go back now, you know I was almost scared

    Meltem: What did you do to Narin's drugs? Have you done it?

    Yildiz: No, not yet, I'm waiting for the opportunity

    Meltem: Hurry up. Let's see, you rejected me for the sake of your wife. How indispensable you are, Kemal Tarhun. Hello

    Man: Mr. Levent… Ms. Meltem for your information

    Meltem: OK


    Sheriye: Oye, how beautiful it is, how juicy, juicy Kivilcim, I hope you will be healed.

    How quickly did you write that? Did you manage to go outside at least give your brother the money?

    Yildiz: I made a deposit and gave it to Halide from the ATM immediately.

    Sheriye: Come on, you did it, how easy it was, it didn't come in our time. Either you get a number, you get in line Wait my dad wait wait my dad wait….

    Yıldız: Ms. Münevver don't drink orange juice, But

    Sheriye: No, it's my curly daughter Kivilcim, I wiped the bite out of her mouth with a bit of force.

    Yildiz: you thought very well, let me take it if you want

    Sheriye: Oh thanks, I'll get into the food business and…

    Yildiz: Mrs. Şheriye squeezed it for you. you don't drink?

    Narin: I'll be out soon, I don't want it now

    Yildiz: actually wait, vitamin C is going

  14. I'm loosing interest watching this series that is further and further lengthened with cheap plots going around and around…and still never got caught…making of "high ranked" people a bunch of losers, idiots that never got wiser
    Beware, parents should not watch these sort of series when kids are around as they might get bad perception of Divine and social justice altogether

  15. Everytime Emri told Gulpira that no harm will come to her, and that he will protect her; either Kasim, Ahmet or Tulay caused harm to her. But, just like Superman, Spiderman, Batman,or any other Super Heroes, Emri is there to save Gulpira.🙂🙂🙂

  16. Bunlara nə olursa öz avamlığl ucbatında olur.Narın öz əliylə evində ilan bəsləyir.Anasıda ki gözunu bərəltməkdən savayı bir şey bilmiyor artıq yetər ya heç olmasa qonuşsun.

  17. Realmente a escritora está matando o personagem Emir, o mesmo está longe de ser o EMIR de antes claro, com tantas coisas ruins que aconteceram! Emir não tem amor, carinho ou seja qualquer sentimento por outra mulher, é frio, estúpido, parece que está pedindo à Hallá que termine essa série desgastante sem sentido, sim, porque o amor que é um dos maiores sentimentos que move o ser humano parece não existir dentro do personagem! Foi assim com Feride e agora repete com a Gulpery! Qual é o sentido da continuidade dessa série?Tiveram a chance de terminá- la no seu primeiro casamento com Reyhan, ou quando Feride conseguiu que ele aceitasse seu filho. Teria sido um bom final pra série que perde a cada capítulo a essência da sua história! É só minha opinião😞😞😞

  18. اصبح المسلسل مسخرة ، مخرجة تحب الظلم والاشرار ، نحن. غلطانين نحضر مسلسلك اصبح هابط جدااا ، عايزة تجلط الناس مع الكرونا قصداا.. ، ايه الفرق بين (ملتم وكومرو)؟؟؟؟ (ولااااشي جمري وتولاي) وتولاي؟؟؟؟ ولاشي ، مسلسل بايخ يفقد الموضوعية والسيناريو و مضيعة للزمن

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